Root Canal

What is the root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is a procedure where an inflamed or infected pulp is completely removed and the canals are cleaned and sealed.

Is it better to extract my tooth and place a dental implant instead?

No, a properly root canal treated and restored tooth can function as a normal tooth.
So, its better to save your tooth before its too late.

Is root canal painful?

Root canal is a minor procedure that rarely causes minimal pain after the session, this pain is far less than that the patient came to the clinic complaining from.

what is the technique used ?

in root canal treatment we use magnification to properly visualize the inside of the tooth, rubber dam to completely isolate the tooth from the surrounding oral microbes, apex locator to accurately measure the tooth length, rotary files to shorten the treatment period and digital senors for accurate assessment of the final result.

what happens if I didn’t get a root canal treatment?

Without treatment, the bone surrounding the tooth will become infected and abscess may form and you might lose your tooth by extraction.

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