When will my child start teething?

6 months  + or - 1 month

When should be my child’s 1st visit to the dentist?

With the appearance of the 1st tooth and should be repeated every 6 months

When should be my child’s 1st visit to the orthodontist?
6 years

Is spacing between my child’s teeth normal?

Yes and if absent, that’s the problem

Does bottle or breast feeding cause caries?

Yes, so baby’s mouth should be cleaned with a wet gauze after each meal

When should I start brushing my child’s teeth?

Use a soft tooth brush with the appearance of the 1st tooth

When will my child’s primary teeth start to shed?
6 years + or - 1 year

How many times should I brush my child’s teeth per day?

Two times per day (after breakfast and before bed time) , 2 mins each

What is the best tooth brush & paste (type & size) for my child?

Soft tooth brush , flavored for better taste & lower fluoride content toothpaste.
Up to 3 years : rice size & 3- 8 years : pea size

If my child complained from his/her teeth and felt hurt, when should I visit the dentist?

IMMEDIATELY, Earlier intervention …..Better prognosis

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