What is orthodontics ?

Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis, prevention and correction of irregular and malpositioned teeth and jaws. It can also focus on modifying facial growth.

At what age we start braces ?

If there is any skeletal problem

We start with growth modifying appliances as early as possible.

What is the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist?

Orthodontists and dentists both help patients improve their oral health, but in different ways. Dentistry is a broad medical specialty that deals with the teeth, gum, nerves, and jaw, while orthodontics is a specialty within dentistry that focuses on correcting bites, occlusion, and the straightness of teeth.

If no skeletal problem ?

We start after most of permanent teeth completed their eruption.

So how could i know if my child have a skeletal problem?

Usually ur child should go to the pedodontist for regular check ups and if there is any signs of skeletal problem, she will inform u that u should consult our orthodontist.

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