What is the Hollywood smile?

It is the smile where, teeth are well aligned with normal, size, color ,proportions and  normal display while smiling or in rest.

Normal gingival display with light pink color display, Well contoured lips.

How to get a Hollywood smile?

  • Teeth bleaching to whiten teeth 2 or 3 degrees
  • Laminate veneers to correct teeth shade, shape, alignment and color
  • Gingival Recontouring
  • Gingival depigmentation to lighten gums color from brown too pink
  • Botox or fillers for the lips depending on the case

What are the laminate veneers?

Dental veneer is a wafer-thin, tooth-colored layer of material placed over the frontal teeth. This is used to improve the appearance by restoring the size, shape and length of teeth like natural teeth.

Should I need to have my teeth prepared to receive laminate veneers?

Only frontal tooth surface of the tooth is prepared to create a space for the new material to be cemented without protruding the patient’s teeth.

Shall the laminates be chalky white in color?

No, we have a wide range of shades that suits every patient depending on his need and best color that suits his skin color.

Should I make laminate veneers to all teeth to get the hollywood smile?

No, only the teeth that are causing the problem.

How long does the laminate veneers last?

What is the difference between lumineers and laminate veneers?

What is the dental bleaching?

Teeth whitening ( bleaching) is a process by which a gel is placed on the surface of the teeth.This gel infiltrates the tooth, breaks down pigments within the tooth causing the teeth to become lighter ( whiter) in color. There are 4 types of bleaching, laser,Light or chemical activated , 3 of which are done at the clinic and the 4th is the home bleaching where the patient is given a bleaching tray and bleaching gel and instructed to use at home for some days.

What are prepless veneers?

Few cases only can be treated using prepless veneers without preparing the teeth.

Is laminate veneers painful?


Do laminate veneers cause protrusion of teeth ?

No, unless it is made by an unprofessional dentist or unspecialized lab.

How long does it take to get my new smile ?

3 visits. We design a new smile for each patient and we should  try a demo for his new smile before starting the treatment.

What is the gingival recontouring and how is it made?

What is the gingival depigmentation ?

It  is a procedure used in cosmetic dentistry to lighten or remove black spots or patches on the gums. we use the most recent technique in gingival depigmentation using the diode laser in one session