We Are The White Zone

Our first branch was launched in February 2013, focusing on providing a high-end, patient centered dental care utilizing the newest treatment modalities and the most recent advances in dental care. Our clinics follow internationally recognized standards of infection control and treatment quality through our highly qualified specialized staff.

The White Zone Dental Clinics

Creating Beautiful Smiles Since 2009

For over 10 years of experience in the dental field and more than 6000 treated and satisfied patients, we thought of providing a special elite dental care for our patients.


We provide a full-fledged set of dental and cosmetic services most importantly; Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics, Implants, Maxillofacial Surgery, Root Canal Therapy and Pedodontics.
Our team of highly qualified staff members are powered by leading, top of the line dental equipment to boost the success rate and shorten the treatment period to increase the efficiency of the treatment and minimize patient discomfort.


Our Philosophy is that which targets providing a complete solution; this Philosophy has led us to develop a 360 Esthetic and Medical Concept which includes a full set of services that impacts our patients’ lives. Our new set of services include Cosmetic Solutions such as Botox and Filler Injections as a complementary beauty solution to Esthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry, in additional to Nutritional and Fitness Consultations to give our patients’ their dream bodies and smiles alike.


Finally, because we have always cared for our patient’s wellness and the sustainability of our services; Our Clinics and for the first time in Egypt is providing all the patients with Patient Education Services, this service will help our patients maintain their hard earned smiles and shapes.